Hunting broth
It is stewed on open fire; it contains meat of bear, deer, duck and beef tongue. It is served with homemade sour cream and an icy short glass of hunting tincture
350/50 g. 600 Р
Caucasian bear
Ruddy steak from flesh of bear; it is served with baked vegetables and Demi Glas sauce
220/120/30 g. 2500 Р
Roast beef from venison
Baked with herbs flesh of Caucasian spotted deer. It is served chilled with homemade sauce Provansal
100/80 g. 1500 Р
Stew of roe deer
Roe deer, in its own juice with a celery root
150/80 g. 1500 Р
Red deer with cherry
The sirloin of the red deer languishes on fire with a winter cherry and red dry wine
200/40 g. 1500 Р
* All game animals are extracted by permitted methods from closed legalized hunting facilities located in the territory adjacent to the Sochinsky reserve.

Winter warming drinks

Classic mulled wine
As desired, red or white dry wine warms up with cinnamon, honey, fresh orange or apple
200 ml. 350 Р
Mulled wine in Sochi
Red dry wine from the Black Sea wine growers languishes with the grasses of the foothills of Krasnaya Polyana and Abkhazian mandarins
200 ml. 350 Р
Krasnopoliansky grog
The pekoe of Sochi's plantations is brewed with Cuban rum, sugar cane syrup and spicy cinnamon
200 ml. 400 Р
Black currant grog
Black currant for a long time warms up with a decoction of black currant, cinnamon sticks and anise-tree
200 ml. 400 Р
Apple punch
A hot decoction of autumn Kuban apples is infused with cinnamon, Irish whiskey, cane sugar syrup and vanilla
200 ml. 400 Р
Irish punch
Milk warms up with cinnamon, mountain honey and nutmeg. Before serving, it is infused with Irish whiskey and creamy liqueur
200 ml. 400 Р

Branded tinctures

Cherry tincture 50 ml. 200 Р
Cowberry tincture 50 ml. 200 Р
Hunter’s tincture 50 ml. 200 Р
Dragon’s blood 175 ml. 300 Р